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Sisters Embodying Heaven on Earth

Sacred Cacao & Dance Medicine for women

Gecko House, Currumbin, GC, QLD - 139 Duringan Street, Currumbin, Queensland, Australia

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WHY Sisters Embodying Heaven on Earth in Sacred Ceremony?


~ We can!!

~ We are woman, we are Goddesses and in real sisterhood we co-create healing magic

~ We are blessed to gather in a Sacred Woman's only Temple space

~ We are spiritual beings having this temporary embodied experience on planet Earth - casually inhabiting a woman's Temple as a vessel for our evolution in the here and now… what a blessing!

~ We may need to remember a few important ancient woman’s businesses so we can anchor all that is in our bodies and lives – like the connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky, the connection with the Moon and the Nature seasons.

~ In sacred ceremony on the dance floor we embody our microcosm with the entire macrocosm by connecting with all the Elements and the Directions on the Shamanic Medicine Wheel, with the cacao medicine being this conduit of connection and openness.

~ By remembering this connection with the Divine, we realign the sacred union within as our Divine inner masculine can be in constant loving communication with our Divine inner feminine, reinforcing we are love and we are worthy of love

~ Gracefully awakening our powerful Kundalini, this juicy sexual energy of creation...of bliss and healing

~ Re-Patterning the Sacred Feminine mysteries every time we journey... this deep felt sense of connection, uniqueness, beauty, purpose, belonging, worthiness and self-expression – there is so much power in being seen in vulnerability

~ We are grateful for every moment, all choices and people we encounter (or attract) to assist our evolution journey - both through the love, the pain and everything else we feel in between!

Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala is the weaver of the magic, as we start the journey savouring our medicinal chocolate drink, whispering our intentions like a prayer for the spirit of cacao and the New Moon, asking IXCacao Goddess her guidance and blessings for the journey.

WHY drinking a Ceremonial Cacao Dose?

Well, we all love chocolate hey!? However, this specific pure ceremonial cacao from Keith is quite exquisite, plus all Camila inspiration for the making. It’s pure crioulo cacao and the entire making process is taken care with deep respect, love and honoring the spirit of the plant as “the Food of the Gods” from the local Mayans in Guatemala. You will feel the huge difference, especially once you drink it in a sacred ceremony setting, and with an empty stomach in the morning!

Cacao is known by “The food of the shift” – coming out of the jungle to accelerate multi-dimensional shifts of consciousness & awakening - if that’s where you want to go...

Cacao is a super food, rich in antioxidants with numerous health benefits especially when consistently drink. It does graciously enhances the good natural hormones in the physical body, as such dopamine, Oxytocine for pleasure and wellbeing (among others); cacao stimulates the cardiovascular system, increases brain oxygenation and offers a light sense of euphoria, while brings the rational mind and intuitive sense with clarity and perfect balance including our feminine & masculine energies.

For better effects of the medicine in your body I strongly RECOMMEND to AVOID before the ceremony:

• A large meal in the 2-3 hours prior to ceremony so that the cacao has the best opportunity to be the only thing in your belly for the greatest connection with this plant medicine. If needed, please eat a light brekkie or even a smooth if you cannot fast until 10am.

• Caffeine intake for 6 hours before, as it may be over-stimulating and effect your connection to the cacao

• Mind-altering substances the day of ceremony and even better in the last 24 hours: alcohol, marijuana, psychedelics, etc.

• It’s important to be well hydrated before the ceremony.


Through the movement practice of 5Elements Dance Activation™ we embark on a Shamanic Dance journey embodying Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, to authentically and freely express ourselves to great world music. The key is to combine breath, sound and free flow movement from within combined with the cacao and our intentions.

The 5 Elements make up our entire known Universe and are fundamental in maintaining balance of mind, body and spirit. By consciously embodying them, we release blockages and imbalances, re-energize our systems, connect deeply to the Earth and each other as community/tribe.

Every "BODY" is welcome, just be prepared to move, groove, shake and smile all over in the safe Temple we all co-create!


Camila is an official Keith's Cacao Practitioner ( and 5Elements Dance Activation facilitator, Elemental Yoga Flow Teacher (200 hours by Kula Collective), Dance Movement Therapist and Expressive Therapist. She is currently studying Sacred Feminine Medicine coaching training with Dr. Devashi Shakti in Psychotherapy, Somatics and Quantum physics specialised for woman body and psyche.

Camila has been guiding people in transformational journeys for over 3 years in Australia as well touring around the world in 2018/2019. Camila has been sharing her work, on service for the highest good of All, committed to support the awakening of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries and facilitating the re-connection of people as ONE with the Mother Earth and all our relations. Camila has been guided by Great Spirit where to go sharing her gifts and embodiment practices in multiple capacities, collaborating with like-minded people/tribe around the globe.


• Plenty of drinkable water

• Anything you wish to feel cosy and warm while sitting in meditation/stillness

• Wear comfortable layered moving clothes

• Any treasure you would like to place in the alter for a charge


Arrive at 9:45am for a 10 am start.

Doors will be locked at 10:05 am.

As we open the sacred ceremony space no late arrivals allowed. Please be respectful.

We move for around 1h. We sit down in sacred circle for half hour at the beginning and at the end too.

Estimated finishing time is 12pm.


$45   via  online booking:

Booking in advance is essential due to cacao preparation.

Bookings are accepted until Saturday 10pm (the night before).

$5 off your ticket is a donation to the Tree Sisters Non for Profit Organisation. We will be giving a gift to help replenish the world's forests and also supporting a vibrant sisterhood of women saying yes to life, actively seeding the future we want to create for future generations. Check them out:

10% discount for all Woman's Temple members; Please PM Camila before booking to receive the discount code.

Cancellation policy: Tickets are non-refundable due to cacao medicine preparation and limited spaces. However, change of ticket name is accepted (for the same day only).

CONTRAINDICATIONS to drink this ceremonial cacao:

Anyone on anti-depressant medication, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding and cardiovascular problems.
Please don’t drink caffeine, alcohol or take any other mind-altering substances on the day of the event (more details, please check the FB Invite.

In case of any other medical questions, please contact your doctor.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. It is important for you to feel safe and clear before committing. Send a PM message via Facebook or email.


139 Duringan Street, Currumbin, Queensland, Australia (Get Directions)